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Map of North Guanacaste

Map of North Guanacaste This is a map of North Guanacaste,
which should help you get to El Coco if you're driving.
You can also see National Parks and beaches.
click on the map to enlarge.

Location and Maps


Located in Central America, Costa Rica is closer to many parts of the United States than Hawaii, with the added advantage of being on Eastern Central Time (but no daylight saving time - it's always GMT -6:00). Many US airlines operate daily flights to Costa Rica from a variety of US locations, like American Airlines, Delta, and Continental.

A local airline, Taca, is the one that operates the most flights to Costa Rica from the United States.


Guanacaste is a favorite vacation destination for many people in the world, because of its numerous white sand beaches, active volcanoes, awesome rain forests, national parks, friendly people, and mangrove estuaries.

Guanacaste receives less rain that the rest of the country, so vacationers can enjoy the sunshine a lot more. This is an advantage during the rainy season: it will pour almost all day long in the southern zone and the Caribbean, all afternoon long in the Central Valley, but in Guanacaste you may get a rainshower only a few minutes long.

You can get to Guanacaste on an international or local flight, driving, or taking a bus or taxi.


Flying directly to Daniel Oduber International Airport from the US is the fastest way to reach beaches like Coco Beach, Tamarindo, Avellanas, Ocotal, Playa Hermosa, Papagayo Gulf, Witches' Rock, Puerto Culebra , Panama Beach, Pan de Azucar and many national parks.


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Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica