Coco Beach
can have underwater
visibility of as much as 60 feet.

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Vista Marina Developer Team

The workforce is presided over by Lic. Armando Guardia, who bet on the acquisition of terrains in Playas del Coco in the eighties. Don Armando, one of few Costa Rican visionaries and pioneers who believed from that era in the potential of Guanacaste, particularly in Playas del Coco. Through the years Don Armando has shaped a team of professionals who stand out in their areas of expertise.

Guardia y cubero lawyers


Lic. Armando Guardia Sasso

Born in San José, Costa Rica in 1952, admitted 1977, Education: University of Costa Rica (Law and Notary Public, ), New York University (M.C.J. 1978); Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE) seminars in Finance 1991. Director of the National Stocks Committee, Costa Rica, 1992-1993, Director of the Chamber of Commerce, 1990, President of Commercial Discounts, S.A. (factoring) 1992, Arrendadora del Comercio (leasing) 1994.

Victor Canas Arquitect


Victor Cañas

Has been a member of the board of Directors of the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica and the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica. Professor of Architectural Design at the Universidad de Costa Rica since 1989. Has been visiting professor and lecturer at universities and architectural conferences in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Thailand and Japan.

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