Costa Rica is the world's
happiest, greenest country,
according to the
New Economics Foundation.

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Costa Rica

No, this wasn't copied from Wikipedia. This is the completely biased view of a foreigner who loves it here...and hopes you will also like it here.


Costa Rica is the ultimate tropical paradise, located in Central America, between Panama and Nicaragua, bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south.

Surrounded by beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, volcanoes, national parks, and a warm and friendly people with unique culture and traditions has qualified Costa Rica as one of the most visited international destinations in the word. According to the New Economics Foundation ranking of nations, Costa Rica is the world's greenest, happiest country! If you've spent any time at all here, you'll know this is true.


Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country, or is supposed to be. There are quite a few foreigners that have lived here for decades and have managed not to learn Spanish. Enough local people speak enough English so that you can get away with this. You'll also see plenty of ads in English in the country's major newspaper, La Nacion. There's also the odd ad in German, Hebrew, or Chinese, proof of the rich multicultural society in this country. No one knows for sure how many foreigners live here, but some educated guesses are that one out of every four adults living right now in Costa Rica was born elsewhere. Just go to Automercado in El Coco and sample the variety of food products of different nationalities for sale.



You probably know this already: Costa Rica has less than 1% of the world's surface area, yet has 6% of the existing biodiversity in the world. It means that for every species of animal, microbe or plant in the United States, there are 300 in Costa Rica. Perfect for nature lovers.


In Costa Rica there are only two seasons, with many microclimates depending on the latitude and also on the altitude above sea level.

  • Dry season from November to April
  • Rainy season from May to September

The average room temperature in Costa Rica is 27°C or 68.5°F. It varies very little throughout the year. It is somewhat cooler in San Jose and other towns in the Central Valley.


Costa Rica abolished the army in 1948, making it a peaceful and democratic country at a time when all other neighboring Latin American countries were either at war or had autocratic military governments. Back then, Costa Rica was poorer than its neighbors. Slowly, with a democratic government focused on serving its people (yes, there have been exceptions - but then, what country hasn't had them?), Costa Rica developed its coffee, banana and sugarcane exports. Then it also went into non-traditional agricultural exports, tourism and technology industries, while at the same time managing to (mostly) avoid the violence, corruption, and political upheaval that have plagued Latin America. Nowadays Costa Rica is among the Latin American nations with the highest GDP per capita, quite and achievement when you consider that Costa Rica has no oil and almost no minerals.

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